Correcting Higher Order Aberrations
has never been easier and more effective.

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How It Works

Deliver Life-changing Vision Improvements

Our unique xwave Aberrometer records a complete ocular measurement.
A comprehensive analysis is calculated and automatically processed.
An HOA optic is created by our proprietary design algorithm and sent to the manufacturing lab.
The scleral lens powered by the OVITZ HOA optic is manufactured by the lab.

The OVITZ HOA optic is available on:


What distinguishes our solutions from other existing options?

Complete Ocular Higher Order Aberration Measurement by OVITZ

Complete Ocular Higher-Order Aberration Measurement

Simply measuring corneal HOA does not provide the data needed to create an effective contact lens. With the OVITZ xwave system we measure the entire visual system to create an effective contact lens.

Proprietary Higher Order Aberration Lens Design Algorithm - OVITZ ARES Scleral Lens

Proprietary HOA Lens Design Algorithm

Simply using the measured HOA data to create a lens is not enough. Our proprietary algorithm uses a patient’s HOA profile and other eye related data to create an enhanced custom HOA lens design.

Higher Order Aberration Measurement by OVITZ

Precise Vision Correction
on the Accurate Axis

Submillimeter differences can make the vision worse. The OVITZ xwave system provides precise correction done on the exact axis of a patient’s eye for an outstanding visual outcome.

xwave System by OVITZ

The Next Wave of Vision Correction

The first of its kind, designed to seamlessly integrate the entire scanning and correction process in a simple automated and streamlined solution.

Dr. Lundquist OVITZ provider

“Scleral lenses are an important tool in my practice to improve the functional vision of many of my patients with irregular corneas, however, they may not always get us to the end goal of “functional.” Before I had access to aberrometry or wavefront guided scleral lenses, I was sometimes unable to account for ongoing poor vision, or offer any more solutions to my patients who would ask for better vision than we could achieve in a standard scleral lens.

OVITZ has created a valuable system for me as a clinician to quantitatively identify and correct aberrations related to functional vision problems through wavefront guided scleral lenses, giving meaningful outcomes to my patients.”

Dr. Brayden Lundquist, O.D., FAAO, FSLS

West Valley Vision Center

The OVITZ xwave system streamlines the process from initial optical measurement to final delivery of a custom wavefront-guided scleral contact lens.

“Almost all of the patients that I see have lost quality vision due to anterior segment conditions. Specifically keratoconus, refractive surgical complications, highly irregular corneas  corneal transplant complications and chronic dry eye. Almost all of these “hi need” patients are wearing scleral lenses to correct their significant vision issues. While this unique patient population does very well with scleral lens technology, there are many scleral lens patients who are still experiencing residual Higher Order Aberrations (HOA’s) (glare, starbursts, halos, double vision etc.) after a “successful” scleral lens fit is achieved. For the past 2 years I have relied on Ovitz technology to significantly reduce and in many cases eliminate the HOA’s that many of these patients have been experiencing. Ovitz technology has become an essential part of my specialty lens practice.”

Dr. Edward Boshnick, O.D., F.A.A.O
Global Vision Rehabilitation Center

The heart of our system is the OVITZ xwave Aberrometer

ovitz xwave system

Wavefront Map

The wavefront map gives a detailed view into the refractive properties of the eye. It provides a high resolution map of the eye’s refraction in individual portions of the pupil. This map can be used to provide a highly customized correction for the patient using the OVITZ ARES Lenses.

Simulated E

The visual effects of higher order aberrations can be difficult to describe and visualize. The OVITZ system provides visual simulations of the patient’s vision. This helps you understand what the patient is experiencing and helps your patient better understand their vision and how different treatment options may help them. This provides more intimate communication with the patient and produces more “Ahah!” moments.

xwave system
xwave system

Zernike Plot

The OVITZ xwave System provides detailed information on the composition of refractive error. Visualization tools allow you to quickly determine which higher order aberrations are most affecting your patient and how best to correct them.

High Resolution Ocular Camera

The system allows for high resolution, color-accurate white light imaging as well as IR illumination and fluorescein illumination. The camera provides high resolution diagnostic imaging and video capture. This will provide detailed information on the location and stability of the lens. This information is critical for creating highly effective custom HOA optics.
High-Definition Restorative Contact Lenses

High-Definition Restorative Contact Lenses

ARES represents a quantum leap in technical achievement to deliver the most exciting advance in Higher order aberration corrective contact lenses.


Subscription Pricing

Our mission at OVITZ is to bring the benefits of wavefront-driven HOA corrected lenses to as many patients as possible. Our subscription plans include free hardware and software upgrades for life, no long-term commitments, and 24/7 unlimited customer support.