xwave System

Meet the xwave System

Higher-Order Aberration Correction Taken to a New Level

Combining advanced wavefront aberrometry measurement seamlessly with lens manufacturer lathe machine software, OVITZ xwave delivers the world first closed-loop wavefront guided contact lens production system. The production process is automated, errorless and cost effective.

Its user-friendly design and interface means it’s incredibly easy to use. Optometrists or technicians can be up and running with the device in literally minutes.

The OVITZ xwave System Streamlined Higher Order Aberration (HOA) Measurement
How It Works

Deliver Life-changing Vision Improvements

Our unique xwave Aberrometer records a complete ocular measurement.
A comprehensive analysis is calculated and automatically processed.
An HOA optic is created by our proprietary design algorithm and sent to the manufacturing lab.
The scleral lens powered by the OVITZ HOA optic is manufactured by the lab.

The OVITZ HOA optic is available on:


What distinguishes our solutions from other existing options?

Complete Ocular Higher Order Aberration Measurement by OVITZ

Complete Ocular HOA Measurement

Simply measuring corneal HOA does not provide the data needed to create an effective contact lens. With the OVITZ xwave system we measure the entire visual system to create an effective contact lens.

Proprietary Higher Order Aberration Lens Design Algorithm - OVITZ ARES Scleral Lens

Proprietary HOA Lens Design Algorithm

Simply using the measured HOA data to create a lens is not enough. Our proprietary algorithm uses a patient’s HOA profile and other eye related data to create an enhanced custom HOA lens design.

Higher Order Aberration Measurement by OVITZ

Precise Correction on the Accurate Axis

Submillimeter differences can make the vision worse. The OVITZ xwave system provides precise correction done on the exact axis of a patient’s eye for an outstanding visual outcome.

“We run Ovitz aberrometry on every patient that comes through the office. The data is invaluable and I can’t imagine practicing without it now! We use it to assess the impact of cataracts as well as dry eye disease, which is often not yet visually measurable by other means, but yet is still subjectively noticeable by the patients. We use it to empathetically support our post-surgical patients symptomatic of HOA (LASIK, multifocal IOLs, retinal surgery) and our patients really appreciate feeling understood and that the data supports what they’re experiencing.

And from a business standpoint, it’s been particularly profitable and effective by facilitating custom HOA-correcting scleral lenses for our symptomatic scleral lens patients. The results have been very impressive, often reducing the total HOAs in half and dramatically reducing the most disruptive individual HOAs.”

Dr. Aaron T. Wolf, O.D.

Austin Optometry Group

A Complete Process

Conventional Higher Order Aberration Measurement Systems Don’t Go Far Enough

Higher Order Aberrations of the Eye WATCH NOW

Over the past decades, the optometry industry has struggled to implement Higher Order Aberration (HOA) correction for patients with complex vision issues such as cornea damage, scarring, LASIK surgery post-operative complications, or degenerative ocular conditions such as Keratoconus.

Current solutions are hit-and-miss in their effectiveness and require expensive equipment. The level of correction is often a compromise between effectively reducing one aberration without negatively impacting others. Finally, existing processes are labor-intensive and time-consuming which lead to inconsistent outcomes.

OVITZ xwave addresses these failings by delivering a complete, closed-loop system where ocular data is taken from the entire eyeball, not just the cornea; maintaining the integrity of that data throughout the entire contact lens manufacturing process.

xwave isn’t simply a new kind of aberrometer: it’s a total lens manufacturing process layer that can be easily applied to your current measurement and ordering workflow.

The OVITZ xwave Aberrometer

The first all-in-one aberrometer for wavefront-guide contact lens production

ovitz xwave system

Wavefront Map

The wavefront map gives a detailed view into the refractive properties of the eye. It provides a high resolution map of the eye’s refraction in individual portions of the pupil. This map can be used to provide a highly customized correction for the patient using the OVITZ ARES Lenses.

Zernike Plot

The OVITZ xwave System provides detailed information on the composition of refractive error. Visualization tools allow you to quickly determine which higher order aberrations are most affecting your patient and how best to correct them.

xwave system
xwave system


Visual acuity can be an incomplete indicator of how the patient sees details. After all, a letter with streaks can still be deciphered. The OVITZ system provides additional visualizations and metrics about the patient’s visual performance. Higher order aberration based analysis such as MTF can provide accurate metrics of how the patient sees across a variety of spatial frequencies and lighting conditions.

PSF and Simulated E

The visual effects of higher order aberrations can be difficult to describe and visualize. The OVITZ system provides visual simulations of the patient’s vision. This helps you understand what the patient is experiencing and helps your patient better understand their vision and how different treatment options may help them. This provides more intimate communication with the patient and produces more “Ahah!” moments.

xwave system
xwave system

Pupil Size Analysis

Vision quality can change dramatically in different lighting conditions. The increased resolution OVITZ system allows you to simulate all of the above features at different pupil sizes. This gives you a better view into what the patient is experiencing, a better understanding of the best correction, and gives the patient visual tools to understand that pesky night driving.

High Resolution Ocular Camera

The system allows for high resolution, color-accurate white light imaging as well as IR illumination and fluorescein illumination. The camera provides high resolution diagnostic imaging and video capture. This will provide detailed information on the location and stability of the lens. This information is critical for creating highly effective custom HOA optics.

“The OVITZ xwave system delivers outstanding vision through their incredible HOA engineered optics. Many of my patients notice a significant improvement in their vision, compared to their current vision correction.”

Dr. Stephanie L. Woo, O.D., F.A.A.O., F.S.L.S.

Contact Lens Institute of Nevada


Subscription Pricing

Our mission at OVITZ is to bring the benefits of wavefront-driven HOA corrected lenses to as many patients as possible. That’s why we’ve upended the conventional industry model for equipment acquisition. The OVITZ xwave is sold as a subscription model. There are no finance costs, balloon payments, or service agreements.

For a modest monthly subscription, any optometrist can add HOA measurement capabilities to their existing examination procedures. For specialist optometrists, our unlimited usage plan provides peace of mind on cost overheads.

Our plans include free hardware and software upgrades for life, as well as 24/7 unlimited customer support. There are no long term commitments or lock-ins: you’re free to cancel your subscription at any time. So what have you got to lose?

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