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“These are the most incredible contact lenses I’ve ever had. My previous doctor said I’d never see 20/20 and now I’m seeing 20/20. This is life changing! I can see in the dark!”

Dr. John Gelles
Cornea and Laser Eye Institute, Teaneck, NJ

“After a LASIK procedure missed the mark, the Ares lens has helped me regain the freedom and function to live and work as I need to.” -BMX rider & Martial artist

Dr. Fred Edmunds
XtremeSight, Victor, NY

“No other scleral contact lens got even close to the vision acuity I now have with the OVITZ Ares lens. With the other lenses I was still seeing double, but this is now corrected with the OVITZ Ares lens.”

Dr. Edward Boshnick
Global Vision Rehabilitation Center, Miami, FL

“The vision in my left eye is amazing. I am able to work on the computer without straining my eyes. I notice the vision in my left eye is better than my right eye, which just has a regular scleral lens.”

Dr. Stephanie Woo
Contact Lens Institute of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV