The World's First Accessible Solution for Higher-Order Aberration Vision Correction

Pretty much all of us have some kind of inconsistency, or ‘aberration’ with the shape or surface of our eyes. Think of the aberrations as tiny imperfections in eye shape, functionality, or consistency that deviate the normal path of light reaching the retina.

Common aberrations such as myopia (shortsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism are easily diagnosed – and corrected – with spectacles, contact lenses, or laser eye surgery.

Some people, however, have more complex vision errors. Optometrists call these errors Higher Order Aberrations, or HOAs for short. People with HOAs can have more significant issues with their vision. Common symptoms are difficulty seeing in low light, or seeing artefacts around lights such as glows, halos, start-shaped patterns, or blurring vision.

There are various types of High Order Aberrations such a coma, trefoil, or spherical aberration. HOAs can also be created from particular kinds of diseases such as keratoconus or eye injuries, or even from post-operative issues from LASIK surgery. Also, HOAs increase with age.

Not only are eyes with HOAs much harder to measure and correct with conventional optometry equipment, they’re also much harder for eye doctors to correct. Conventional spectacles or contacts rarely offer much help and while specialist bespoke solutions exist, they’re time-consuming and extremely expensive.

That’s where OVITZ comes in.