Ares Lens


Wavefront-Guided Scleral Lens

ARES represents a quantum leap towards better correction.

High-Definition Restorative Contact Lenses

Sharp Vision

Custom HOA optic keeps focus crisp


All Day Comfort

Wear all day with complete comfort


Max Hydration

Max hydration on the cornea

Real Results from Real Cases


Watch how one doctor using the OVITZ ARES lenses offered his patients great improvements to patients’ visual acuity and reduced higher order aberrations by over 50 percent.

Ares lens

“For years I have read literature about HOA correcting scleral lenses from various research laboratories. The papers reported excellent results and inspired a high level of interest in the technology. At CLEI, we attempted to create HOA correcting lenses based on the principles laid out by these studies but the process was extremely difficult and failed frequently.

Ovitz has a streamlined system and my experience with it has been exceptional. Our data has shown reductions in HOAs by about half and 1-2 lines of visual acuity and in some cases as much as 5 lines of improvement. This is consistent with the published data. I’m thrilled to see this technology make it from the lab to clinical practice.”

Dr. John D. Gelles, O.D., F.I.A.O., F.C.L.S.A., F.S.L.S., F.B.C.L.A.

Cornea and Laser Eye Institute

Individualized Lenses for Your Eyes

With a bi-symmetrical toric landing zone, this lens aligns to the sclera naturally and provides excellent comfort and customization. The OVITZ Ares lens is available in an oblate design as well as a prolate design for ectasia and more pronounced cones.

Wavefront Guided Scleral Lenses for Higher Order Aberration Patients

Use this option to vault over extremely high sections of the cornea/limbus due to a pinguecula or any other form of elevation.

Make independent adjustments to the Central Clearance Zone, LITe (limbal independent transfer) zone and/or the Scleral Landing Zone in any of the four available quadrants.

With its ability to maintain a stable tear film, this unique hydrophilic coating is the perfect compliment to the already long wearing Ares.


Ares Lens Fitting Guide


Yes. OVITZ xwave aberrometer is the only all-in-one aberrometer that can provide all the necessary ocular and lens data in order to design and produce an effective wavefront guided ARES lens.

We recommend updating the HOA optics when patients need to replace their lenses (1-2years). Higher order aberrations increase with age.

Patients with complex vision abnormalities arising from Higher Order Aberrations (HOA) such as keratoconus, post-surgical (e.g. LASIK) complications, injuries resulting in corneal irregularity and high ametropia. These patients usually have night starbursts, glares, and double vision issues. Patients who cannot get clear / satisfying 20/20 vision with conventional lenses. Normal cornea patients who want to further improve their vision beyond 20/20.

The OVITZ xwave aberrometer measures the higher order aberrations profile of the patient and provides tools to understand the impact of the aberration on the patient’s vision.

ARES lens is available from ValleyContax. You can sign up here or contact “ValleyContax" directly


Total. Cost. Guaranteed. Warranty

Our mission at OVITZ is to bring the benefits of wavefront-driven HOA corrected lenses to as many patients as possible. That’s why we’ve upended the conventional industry model for equipment acquisition. The OVITZ xwave is sold as a subscription model. There are no finance costs, balloon payments, or service agreements.

  6-Month Breakage/Defective returns

  120-Day Free Unlimited remakes

✓  120-Day Cancellations

  100% Credit on Patient Cancellation

  Hydra-PEG Option Available

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