Keratoconus, Crosslinking, Intacs

Ares lens
Dr. John Gelles
Cornea and Laser Eye Institute, Teaneck, NJ

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Keratoconus, Crosslinking, Intacs
"These are the most incredible contact lenses I’ve ever had. My previous doctor said I'd never see 20/20 and now I'm seeing 20/20. This is life changing! I can see in the dark! Thank you Dr. Gelles."
Uncorrected: 20/100-
Scleral lens: 20/30-
Ovitz Ares: 20/25+
Uncorrected: 20/100
Scleral lens: 20/30-
Ovitz Ares: 20/20

Vision Satisfaction


Doctor's Brief

“The patient, though appreciative of the comfort of the initial lenses, reported significant difficulties with low light tasks. The optics of the initial lenses (without the HOA correction) were not good enough for him to feel safe driving at night. He was tremendously appreciative of the final results, he reported improved vision all the time but especially noticeable at night. He can now comfortably drive. This has had an amazing impact on his quality of life.”