Post LASIK Refractive Imbalance and Regression

Dr. Fred Edmunds
XtremeSight, Victor, NY

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Post LASIK refractive imbalance and regression
BMX rider & Martial artist
"After a LASIK procedure missed the mark, the Ares lens has helped me regain the freedom and function to live and work as I need to. The performance improvement, coupled with the mitigation of some long-term dysfunction of the left eye, has made the Ares lens a perfect choice for me."
Uncorrected: 20/25
Ovitz Ares: 20/16

Vision Satisfaction

Before: 5/10
After: 9/10

Doctor's Brief

"GW is an elite level extreme sport athlete who elected to have LASIK. Unfortunately, his procedures left him with a slight refractive imbalance and sub-par contrast sensitivity, which are critical for his sports. Based on my experience with the OVITZ technology, I felt the ares lens would be ideal to deliver optimal visual performance and function. Also interesting, is that his performance chiropractor, commented on the gains GW made during rehab. He, and GW, are ecstatic with the results."