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Subscription Pricing

Our mission at OVITZ is to bring the benefits of wavefront-driven HOA corrected lenses to as many patients as possible. That’s why we’ve upended the conventional industry model for equipment acquisition. The OVITZ xwave is sold as a subscription model. There are no finance costs, balloon payments, or service agreements.

For a modest monthly subscription, any optometrist can add HOA measurement capabilities to their existing examination procedures. For specialist optometrists, our unlimited usage plan provides peace of mind on cost overheads.

Our plans include free hardware and software upgrades for life, as well as 24/7 unlimited customer support. There are no long term commitments or lock-ins: you’re free to cancel your subscription at any time. So what have you got to lose?

What’s included?

  The Ovitz xwave Instrument

✓  Lifetime hardware upgrades

✓  Lifetime software updates

  Ovitz xwave software

  24/7 Unlimited Customer Service

  No long term commitments

  and more…