Breakthrough Measuring for Higher-Quality Scleral Contact Lenses

Over the past few years, the optometry industry has struggled to implement High Order Aberration (HOA) correction for patients with complex vision issues such as cornea damage, scarring, LASIK surgery post-operative complications, or degenerative ocular conditions such as Keratoconus.

Current solutions are hit-and-miss in their effectiveness and require expensive equipment. Actual correction is often a compromise between effectively reducing one aberration without negatively impacting others. Finally, existing processes are labor-intensive, costly, and time consuming.

OVITZ xwave is a breakthrough in the measurement, data analysis, and manufacturing of scleral contact lenses. An integrated, 4-stage closed-loop system, xwave delivers higher-quality visual outcomes faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Higher-Order Aberration Correction Taken To A New Level With Wavefront Technology

OVITZ xwave is the first commercially available closed-loop scleral lens production system using Wavefront-guided technology. Integrating advanced aberrometry measurements with lens manufacturers’ existing equipment and software allows OVITZ xwave to deliver the first total-solution system.

The system takes HOA corrections to a new level by making the production of correction lenses automated, predictable, and cost-effective for manufacturers and eyecare professionals. Patient results are consistently higher, delivering greater vision acuity and reduced lens production costs.

Conventional Higher-Order Aberration Measurement Systems Don’t Go Far Enough

High-Order Aberration correction using wavefront technology has been around for some time. The reason why wavefront correction has been hit-and-miss until now is due to the existing systems failing to provide sufficient ocular data. This requires manual intervention to produce an effective lens design template, and needs additional engineering by the contact lens lab to fabricate the lens.

Simply measuring corneal HOA doesn’t provide enough data to create an effective contact lens. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main issues is the HOA profile is changed by the very action of adding a scleral lens in the first place! To create the best possible wavefront-guided HOA lens we need to measure much more information than just the HOA data produced from a typical aberrometer.

In order to create an effective lens, the entire ocular system needs to be taken into account when measuring High-Order Aberrations. While measuring corneal typography, the measurement also needs to take into account the final lens’ influential characteristics.

What’s needed is a system that factors-in every part of the eye, treating it as a complete ocular system rather than its component parts.

Streamlining and Simplifying Optometrist’s Workflow

OVITZ xwave addresses these failings by delivering a complete closed-loop system where ocular data is taken from the entire eyeball; maintaining the integrity of that data throughout the entire contact lens manufacturing process. xwave isn’t simply a new kind of aberrometer: it’s a total lens manufacturing process that can be easily and affordably applied to your current measurement and ordering workflow.