Wavefront-Corrected Sclerals: From Theory to Reality

OVITZ is dedicated to working with industry leaders who passionately share the same vision — to help people see their best. One of OVITZ’s earliest adopters, Dr. Brayden Lundquist says that the wait is finally over for Wavefront Corrected Scleral Lenses being readily available on the market. This advancement will help diagnose and manage vision outcomes for highly aberrated eyes, making better vision accessible to more people and delaying the need for higher risk interventions.

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“We all have met patients who report seemingly unexplainable blur or night-vision disturbances—or who are simply not happy with their vision—despite a well-fitting contact lens or an accurate spectacle refraction…” states Brayden Lundquist, OD. Vision issues such as glare, halos, starbursts, and double vision are often caused by Higher Order Aberrations (HOAs), causing continued strain, poor vision, and degradation of the patient’s quality of life. 

“Over time, as laboratories and developers continue to improve wavefront technology in tandem with enhancements to scleral lens fitting characteristics, patients who have highly aberrated visual conditions will have access to powerful solutions for meaningful improvements in their quality of life.” states Brayden Lundquist, OD.

OVITZ is proud to deliver the most accessible wavefront guided scleral lens technology for correcting Higher Order Aberrations. Finally doctors can make better vision accessible to a larger population of patients. Learn more and find an OVITZ doctor in your area at: ovitz.us/find-a-doctor/